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Since 2008, the Law Office of Mustafa Abdul-Rahman in Los Angeles, CA has been successfully defending clients in California, mainly in Los Angeles County. Recently, we discovered that law enforcement agencies in San Bernardino County have increased instances of arrest and more cases are being filed against citizens.

All this is happening, yet the county doesn’t have enough private criminal defense attorneys whose rates are reasonable. In response to this, we dedicated ourselves to fighting for our clients’ rights and making sure they receive justice at prices that they can afford.

Mission Statement

Our firm strives to provide accessible and affordable legal services for all.

Practice Areas

We specialize in handling matters that involve criminal justice. This includes cases in criminal defense, criminal litigation, and civil litigation against the government. We also help clients enforce other rights include workplace/employment rights, parental rights and personal injury rights.

Our Pledge

Our attorneys are committed to maintaining frequent communication with you to make sure that you understand everything about your case and the legal process involved. This is so that you can make well-informed decisions on your case.

About Our Founder

Attorney Mustafa Abdul-Rahman graduated from Southwestern Law School and is an alumnus of UC Riverside. He has more than 10 years of experience.